Nuclear family a mistake or an achievement?

Nuclear family a mistake or achievement. What is the Nuclear family? Yes, you have read it right, let me explain Living in dozens of people and stretching from grandma to grandma’s cousin, most of us have always been fascinated by those pretty little homes; where everyone gets to live his own life-A a nuclear family or an elementary family.

Now, what is a nuclear family?

According to the oxford dictionary, it is: A couple and their dependent children; however, the definition is not that precise for everyone, for some of us it is a peaceful family that can make a home out of every house, and why is it so?

Nuclear family
Nuclear family

Nuclear family an achievement?

Here are some of the advantages of a nuclear family

1. Economic stability

In an extended family, there are fewer hands to earn and more mouths to eat as compared to a nuclear setup thus a nuclear family has a better lifestyle, and according to research, 57 percent of nuclear families are above the poverty line.

2. A conflict-free life

Living in an extended family portrays the way life would be in a war zone where we can’t drop the arms even if we want because it is not possible to fulfill the requirements of all the opponents; similarly, we can never make peace with every family member; comparatively, in a nuclear family, there are little or no arguments that are resolved with the mutual compromise between the couple. Moreover, the extended family causes jealousy and envy from other success that inevitably leads to a dispute or anger.

3.Strong bonding of children and parents

In the this family, there is a strong bond between parents and their children as children have no one else to share their problems with. Children are raised under the guidance of their parents. There is no one to interfere between parents and their children. Children are in a comfort zone with their parents.

4. Family privacy

“All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.” says: Gabriel García Márquez in his book Gabriel García Márquez: a Life and a private life is only possible in a nuclear family that lets you live the way you want to, a couple can raise their children according to their own will without any interruption, and a family can make choices of its own as John Milton says in his book Paradise Lost “Solitude sometimes is the best society.”

Nuclear family a mistake?

Here are some of the disadvantages of a nuclear family

On the contrary, neither every nuclear family has a positive household, nor every one of them has a healthier family life, a lot end up with some negative aspects, and this is because of the following disadvantages:

1. Loneliness

As it is said, excess of everything is bad; thus, most of the kids raised in absolute privacy cannot face the world or cope up with a crowded environment. In most cases, both parents have to go out to win the bread which results in dereliction of duty to the child and 1993 National Research Council (NRC) reported on child abuse and neglect that such child is most likely to develop anxiety and other mental disorders. Toni Morrison said “Two parents can’t raise a child any more than one. You need a whole community – everybody – to raise a child.”

2. Lack of family relations

This type of family has a lack of bonds towards their families except for the immediate family members. The family is deprived of the support system and protection that a joint family can provide; similarly, their happy moments are spent alone here I will add the saying of Richard Bach “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life”.

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3.Lack of social learning

As children are not exposed to many situations, so they do not experience e life learning lessons. They do not come across odd jobs. They also lack observation skills. Sometimes the problem-solving abilities are also not well established in children of nuclear families. Not only children but adults also sometimes need social and emotional support. Sometimes adult also needs someone to ask for advice or suggestions.

4. Unbalanced life

A mother in a nuclear family can never keep the balance between house chores and office work or look after the children properly; consequently, she has to compromise any one of these, therefore, ends up having a stressful life.

In conclusion, like every family life, the nuclear family has its form, and against views, nothing is black and white.

“The distance between a gene and behavior is of greatest interest to me. The relative contributions of nature and nurture, of nucleotide and nuclear family, are perpetually fascinating to me.” Said John Medina about the nuclear family, while on the other hand, Germaine Greer said “I’m passionately opposed to the nuclear family, with its mom and dad and their 2.4 children. I think it’s the most neurotic lifestyle ever developed.”

The children also become emotionally stronger and learn how to behave with different people in different situations.

However, some people also find the nuclear family to be the best option as a family. In a nuclear family Personal space is given to the couple. The children also do not see any interferences in their daily chores. They become confident and independent individuals.

The thing that matters the most is the happiness and connection of the family members. The more reliable the relationship between parents and their children, the more successful will be parenting. Life will become beautiful.

I want you to share your experience and point of view about the nuclear family is Nuclear family a mistake or achievement for you?