Are you really happy about your Parenting style?

What’s your Parenting Style? Talking about Parenting then it’s a long and ongoing process. In Parenting mother or father and most of the time both work together to support and promote the social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and psychological wellbeing and development of a child.

Fortunate are the people who are blessed with children but again a weighty responsibility falls on the shoulders of parents. Parents in most societies are held responsible for any immoral act committed by their children. One has to be careful while bringing up a child.

Developmental psychologists always have been keen to find out the relationship between a child’s behavior with the parent’s attitude. It is considered scientifically that how you raise a child reflects in his personality directly or indirectly.

Parenting style
Parenting style

Four types of Parenting styles

 If you want to know According to researchers, there are four different types of Parenting style.

  1. Authoritarian parenting style
  2. Authoritative parenting style
  3. Permissive parenting style
  4. Uninvolved parenting style

According to researchers, these parenting styles have a substantial impact on a child’s life; it includes everything from how much he weighs to how his child feels.

1.Authoritarian Parenting style

If you believe in the following statements, then you are following the Authoritarian parenting style.

  • Expect that children should follow the rules set by you or else they will be punished
  • Children feeling are not as important as they are just children.
  • Children should always be observed by you but not necessarily be heard.
  • You are not supposed to direct your children for every little thing. What children need to do is follow the rules blindly set by you.
  • You do not believe in negotiating with your children, but your words are the final words.

Children of authoritarian parents are usually suffering from low self-esteem problems because most of the time, their opinions are not heard and not valued in front of their parents. They also become good liars to avoid punishment. There is a lot of aggression inside them which might turn into a depression in the later stages of their lives.

     2.   The Authoritative parenting style   

If you believe in the following statements, and they sound familiar to you, then you are following the Authoritative parenting style.

  • You work very hard to build up a healthy and positive relationship between yourself and your children.
  • You explain every rule set by you and also mention the reason behind each rule to your children. Parents enforce them and also give consequences, but you avoid harsh punishments.
  • Your children’s feelings matter to you.
  • Your children’s opinion matters to you, but you also make clear that you are the final authority of the house.

Children of authoritative parents are happy, confident, and successful. They are good at decision-making. They have a good understanding of their parents.

3.The Permissive parenting style

If you believe in the following statements, and they sound familiar to you, then you are following the Permissive parenting order.

  • Parents set rules, and you expect them to be followed, but if children do not follow them, parents will forgive them and will not punish them.
  • Parents interfere less with children’s affairs until and unless it’s essential to jump in.
  • You appreciate your child’s efforts very often.
  • You are more like a friend to your children.
  • Parents do not take the lousy behavior s of your children seriously and do not try to improve them as you believe kids are kids.

Children of permissive parents are usually found struggling in their academics. They have behavioral issues because they are not used to following rules. They are sad and do not feel happy with their life.

4.The Uninvolved parenting style

If you believe in the following statements, and they sound familiar to you, then you are following the Uninvolved parenting method.

  •     Parents do not ask their children about what’s going on in their lives.
  •     You do not have time to talk to your children.
  •     You do not get involved with your children.
  •     Parents do not believe in giving much attention to their children’s needs.

    Children of permissive parents have low self-esteem. They are usually sad and exhibit bad behavior. Sometimes also show poor academic performance.

   Which Parenting style is the best?

So you have read all four different parenting styles. Know you should know What’s your Style? Your parenting method might be a combination of two or more parenting ways do not despair; it is possible. Sometimes you act more authoritative and other times you feel acting more like a permissive parent.

Sometimes in the same family, there are a combination of parenting methods; for example, if the mother is following more of the permissive style and the father is following the authoritative style. In this way, children also start behaving differently with their mother and father. To make Parenting useful, both mother and father need to cooperate and try to build a better combination of parenting ways by mutual understand and cooperation. This can lead to a happy and successful generation.

According to research and studies conducted on parenting ways and by observing children of different parenting styles, however, it has been found that the best type of Parenting is Authoritative styles.

Best Parenting style!

Authoritative Parenting is the most successful style of Parenting because parents of this kind make rules and also discuss the practices with their children. Children do feel comfortable and likely to comply with their parent’s requests.

As the rules are discussed with the children, so they find it fair to follow them and also know that if the rules are not being followed, then they have to suffer the consequences.

Children of authoritative parents are good at following rules and regulations, which makes them successful in their lives.

Children of authoritative parents are happy and have high self-esteem. They also exhibit a strong relationship with their parents.

I believe that in parenting the most important tip is to establish a strong relationship with your children by being in authority. A parent should always be the ultimate authority. You should always try to work hard on your parenting because Parenting matters and you can bring positive change in your child’s life by commitment and dedication.

All you need is to trust your child and develop a strong bond with your child.

 Please do share your Parenting style.