10 Ways to Be a Modern Parent

Learn the Ways to Be a Modern Parent. The question “how to be a modern parent” unites all the parents. However, When asked about parenting, everyone has a different opinion that makes it a controversial topic. Ways to be a modern parent depict how parent respect the self-esteem of their child believe in being open minded in parenting.

Modern parenting is about bringing up your child in positive manner where your child learn new ways of life. Modern parenting is keeping yourself up to date so that your child grow and adjust in modern era.

There are many Ways to Be a Modern Parent but in this article we have discussed 10 Ways to Be a Modern Parent.

Ways to Be a Modern Parent
Ways to Be a Modern Parent

Ways to Be a Modern Parent

Modern parenting is difficult yet easy for them who follow a few tips but you need to know the Ways to Be a Modern Parent

1. Let the child explore

Personal space is essential for every child. As the child grows, parents should take a step back from controlling, allowing them to make decisions by supervising and facilitating. One should not act like a helicopter parent by hovering on the child; instead, value your child’s opinion. The emotions and privacy of a child should be weighed the same as every individual. According to one study conducted by two psychology professors, children who have less exposure to formal education show “more sustained attention and learning than their counterparts from families with extensive involvement in Western schooling.” This shows that children should be given control over their choices. Besides, a child is not only your child but a person with an individual personality and thoughts.

2.Reduce Social Pressure

A good parent accepts that every child is different and never forces a child to prove themselves. Besides, the child should be allowed to step out of the norms of society and be you. According to science, the most successful children have warm and accepting parents. Do not try to impose your dreams on them but let them fulfill their dreams. I have seen many parents who compete with their family member kids and ask their child to behave like the way other children behave like. If their cousin’s child is becoming a doctor, they want their child to pursue the same career. Stop comparing your child with other children. Believe it that every child is different and has his own choices, likes, and dislikes.

3. Be the child’s best friend

In order to be a modern parent, you should know that your Children are always attention seekers. Best parents give attention to kids by communicating-letting them pour their hearts out.

O.A Batista said, “The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day”. Moreover, it is said that a child gets the best education from parents. Be your child’s best friend, but remember that you have to set limits to your child and be very firm about them. Your child must share things with you rather than with someone else because you are the best person to give him the right advice.

4. Learn 

A human being always makes mistakes, so does a parent. Feel proud to learn from fellow parents. As a parent, a third opinion is still better than doing it wrong. Eventually, your parents’ best version comes out of you when you learn from others’ mistakes. Never hesitate to learn new things. Firstly it will help you grow, and secondly, you will get new options and suggestions. Learn from experienced parents how they deal with certain situations with their children.

You can join different Parenting forums like Facebook pages and Facebook groups. You can check my Facebook page and Facebook group by the same name as my blog Parent-child connects.

It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.-Warren buffet.

5. Speak for your child

Even if the world turns against a person, he always expects his parents to support him; thus parents should take stand for the child. Instead of suppressing the children, you should stand against the injustice they went through. In a journal published by the American Psychological Association (APA), it is said that research has long shown that children who receive abundant support from their parents report fewer psychological and physical problems during childhood than children who receive less parental support.

Always make your child believe that you are there with him no matter how difficult the situation gets. I have seen many parents do not support their children; in those cases, they feel so lonely, resulting in psychological issues.

6. Prepare your child for future

Ways to Be Modern Parent include vision and approach. Parental support should never be limited. Being a social animal, a child, too, requires training and grooming. On top of that, a parent can never back up the child; sooner or later, the child needs to be taught to be bold and strong enough to face the world. According to research, self-esteem, or having a positive or negative sense of self, is well-established by the time we reach five years of age. Also, the core values, such as tolerance and acceptance, are essential for survival. A confident and well-disciplined child is more likely to be socially active. 

Prepare your child for the future, not only academically but also emotionally. Teach your child new skills and groom his personality to become a successful and responsible citizen. Ways to Be a Modern Parent includes keeping yourself upto dates.

7. Awareness

A successful parent lets the child know the dangers of the modern world. Firstly, before your child gets into the peer pressure to do bad, make him capable of wisely choosing his social circle. Your child should make safe use of social media, the internet, and cell phone. Most important of all, the basic ethics and human rights against bullying and exploitation should be inculcated in a child.

Do teach your child about the following important points.

  • What is a good touch and a bad touch?
  • How to respond in case of emergency, like if a fire broke out?
  • What are the emergency contact numbers?
  • What is your parent’s name?
  • What is your parent’s contact number?
  • Whom to contact if mom and dad are not at home?

8. Allow the child to live in the present

As the world modernizes, children know more than parents about modern-day trends. Let the child live according to the modern lifestyle. Do not force the child to acquire the same mindset as you. 

Parenthood is about guiding the next generation and forgiving the last.-Peter Krause.

Do let them follow the modern way of life; Please do not impose things of your time.

I have seen parents expecting their children to follow what they have followed. Your time is gone. It’s their time to let them be up to date.

For example, if you like to wear a light color of dresses and want to wear bright colors, let them wear it because it’s trending.

Allow the new fashion and trends until and unless it’s against your culture and religion.

Of course, you have to set the boundaries and rules for your child to follow but make sure you are not doing any injustice to your child. Set rules by taking your child in confidence. Do always discuss rules you want your child to abide by. Explain the advantages of following the rules and disadvantages of not following the rules as it’s an Authoritarian Parenting.

9. Value the emotions

Along with physical care, your child also requires mental care. Here, at top priority, a child should be embarrassed by the parent publicly. Secondly, never compare a child to anyone or else the child feels left-back.

In the olden day’s parents were not much concerned about their child’s emotions; modern parents prioritize their child’s feelings.

Give value to your child’s likes and dislikes. Try to raise a happy child rather than a depressed one. A happy child is a successful adult.

Ways to Be a Modern Parent is to value the emotion and well being of your


10. Be yourself 

Give a deaf ear to whatever the world says about your parenting. Parent your child confidently in the way you feel right; you are the parent, and you know better than anyone.

Do not lose your individuality. Yes, you are an individual too. Get inspiration from the good and positive parenting styles of others. Do not be a copycat. Everyone has their scenarios. Follow what suits you and your family.

After knowing about the 10 Ways to Be a Modern Parent it is clear that these 10 Ways to Be a Modern Parent are not the only ways but there can be many other ways aswell.

Also, learn about Different parenting styles and find out your parenting style.

In conclusion, I would like to add that these are a few modern Parenting tips, but there is a long list of modern parenting ways. You can always add-on.

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