9 Ways to raise creativity in children

Every child is born different in order to raise creativity in children as every child has something hidden in them. Parents need to nurture the inner magic of their kids, but here comes the question of how?
In this modern era, where life is going so fast, it isn’t easy to cherish a child’s creativity. Thus we have gathered a few tips to help you raise creative children.


creativity in children
creativity in children


1.   Limit screen time

The most important point here is to limit screen time. When the kids have access to gadgets, they do not bother to blink an eye off them. Eventually, the imagination is killed. A child can’t think of new and creative ideas if his mind is constantly attending the games and cartoons on the screen.
Psychologist Sheri Madigan, Ph.D., found that more time per week spent on screens at ages 24 months and 36 months was linked with poorer performance on screening tests for behavioral, cognitive, and social development.

2.   Let them get bored

In addition to this, a child should be allowed to get bored. Boredom will force their minds to produce new ideas and get busy with creative stuff. Ideas sprout in a kid’s mind when we leave the mind free. Rich, associate professor of social and behavioral sciences at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, says: “Boredom is the space in which creativity and imagination happen.”

Do not worry because of boredom

So when your child complains about being bored, do not worry because boredom will ultimately lead your child towards creativity.

In the olden days, children did not have an iPad, iPod, tablets to play games or watch movies and cartoons all the time, so they use to play with the sand like climbing a tree or perhaps ride a bicycle. I still remember in my childhood, I try new experiments with things available in the kitchen.

3.   Love their mess

Moreover, they love their mess. Let the kids get dirty and create clutter. This buds new ideas and creativity into their minds. Whereas, if they are scolded for it, the fear puts all their thinking to a halt. Instead, help them flourish their ideas. Nurture their special interests by appreciating and supporting their creativity no matter how it is and what it is. Pour in some of your ideas to keep the child on the right track and guide them throughout with love.

Believe in your child.

Secondly, show affection and love towards their creation. As Mathew Jacobson said, “Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.”

Always appreciate your child’s work. This will encourage them to be more creative hence   to raise creativity in children.

Please do not get upset with the mess your child has made and let him play and then ask your child to help you clean up the mess; this will create a habit of organizing and managing the things in your child.

4.   Stop rescuing


Adding to all this, STOP RESCUING. Let your kids experience failure at least once. Failures help children work hard and grow their mental ability to do better than before. If a kid does not fail, he cannot learn.


 “Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of success.”-Ariana Huffington.

Never create a sad scene on your child’s failure, but tell him the reasons for his failure. Teach him to deal with the failure. Tell him how to stand up with full strength after falling.

5.   Give chances


Besides all this, the most important is giving chances to children. Creativeness is like a fire, but it needs a spark to light up. Firstly, a child needs to explore himself. Secondly, he should be allowed to do new things and have new experiences. Let the child do everything on his own to find out new opportunities to raise creativity. In children, you have to work harder. Do not tell your child that last time you have done it wrong, so I will not let you try it again. Remember, nobody is perfect, and he is just a child.

6.   Allow exploring

Outdoor games are the best opportunity to get creative. While playing out, children interact with nature-getting inspiration from the beauty and colors of the world. Also, fresh air and good exercise lead to healthy brain development and better thinking-ability of kids.
According to the world health organization outdoor environment promotes a higher level of attention and wellbeing.

7.   Boosting the confidence level

On top of all this, confidence is the key to being creative. Every kid has a hidden talent that somehow is left suppressed. To express hidden creativity, a child needs enough confidence. Parents play the most important role in boosting a kid’s confidence level and increasing creativity in children. This can be done by preventing scolding kids in public, appreciating them over little achievements, and loving their creation no matter how it is.
Carl Pickhardt, a psychologist, says, “a kid who lacks confidence will be reluctant to try new or challenging things

8.   Provide extracurricular activities

Sometimes, children need guidance as a way to bring their creativity in front of the world. For this purpose, kids should be enrolled in different co-curricular classes, where their creativity gets a chance to penetrate out. Every child should take arts, music, and sports classes according to their interests. Parents here need to provide equal support for academics, allowing their kids to bring out the best. To raise creativity in children’s parents, efforts are hardly required.

9.   Stop comparing

Finally, every child is different and has different abilities. Comparing your kid to others can cause depression and low self-esteem. A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it; it just blooms, says Zen Shin. To raise creativity in children parent plays a very important role.

One of the most harmful things or you can say the fatal thing that kills your child’s creativity, in comparison. Please stop comparing your child with other children, even not with your child’s siblings.

The comparison makes a child feel incapable or even low in front of others. In this way, the child will always be scared to try new things.

Learn about different parenting styles to improve parenting.

In conclusion, I would like to add that your child’s mental level is your love should be unconditional.