Is Trustful Parenting the best parenting style?

If you are a less stressful and more happy parent, you are probably following trustful Parenting. Trustful Parenting is a parenting style in which you wholely and solely trust your child’s true potential.

You don’t push your child to achieve straight As and don’t make your child’s life like hell to get admission in good Universities, but you trust your child. In trustful Parenting, you don’t impose your decisions on your child. In this type of Parenting, you believe in giving support whenever needed.

Trustful Parenting is the most potent Parenting

In trustful Parenting which you give all the rights of making decisions to your child. You guide your child. You are not affected by the fear of what others will say about your Parenting. Like you will not feel embarrassed if your child wants to be a musician, you will never force him to be a doctor or an engineer.

When you trust your child, a firm bond is built up between you and your child. You have given freedom of choice to your child, and in return, your child starts behaving more responsibly.

Trustful Parenting
Trustful Parenting

Trustful Parenting doesn’t start suddenly!

Trustful Parenting doesn’t start suddenly, but you gradually start giving space to your child. Don’t consider that following trustful Parenting all your responsibilities are done.No! Not at all; you start trusting your child’s decisions by keeping an eye on the outcomes.

Once you start trusting your child, your life becomes more manageable, but first, you have to educate your self. You have to change your mindset. You have to trust yourself. It would be best if you made yourself believe that happiness is the real achievement. If your child wants to pursue his carrier in music, then there is no harm in it. He is happy and passionate about his carrier choice, then he will be a successful musician one day.

According to recent research done by a British University, Parents who trust their children are less prone to cardiac diseases and their children don’t show any symptoms of stress and depression.

Lets, take an example of Parenting in which parents keep insisting their child opting medical as a carrier. However, the child is not interested in becoming a doctor; he selected medical as a profession because of parental pressure. Still, after becoming a doctor, he did not become a successful doctor because he is not interested in the medical field from the very beginning. He is less successful because his parent did not trust his potential and insisted him to chose a carrier in which he was least interested.

I doubt there has ever been a human culture, anywhere, at any time, that underestimates children’s abilities more than we North Americans do today. Our underestimation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because by depriving children of freedom, we deprive them of the opportunities they need to learn how to take control of their behavior and emotions.” ~ Peter Gray (p.209)

Trustful parenting inculcate confidence in children. The children those are brought up by the trustful parenting style become more successful in life ,as compared to authoritative parenting. Trustful parents develop a feeling of trust in their kids in this way they also start trusting others in life.

Trust developed in early stages of life in kids have a complete and balance life. Those who don’t have trust in parents don’t develop trust later in their lives.

Trustful parents don’t ask their children about each and every details of what’s is happening in their lives as a helicopter parents who always hover over their children to monitor every tiny details of their child.