What is the collapse of parenting? It’s time for you as a parent to act mature

What is the collapse of parenting? It’s time for you as a parent to act mature .The children are like blank paper, and the parents are pens for them. Whatever you write on the page will become your child’s personality and nature. Children learn all the basic norms of life from their parents. The parents are the first mentor who continually feeds and teaches their babies from infancy until adulthood.

The word ‘parenting’

The word ‘parenting’ comprises several essential responsibilities that a mother/father has to fulfill concerning their child at any cost and at the right time. (Mily Ghosh, 2012)  It is difficult for babies to explain their needs or feelings. Parents are required to learn behavioral signs and gestures that the kids show when in need of something.

The delays caused collapses in parenting that we, as a parent, perform in our responsibilities. The culture of disrespecting elders’ even with parents, is increasing among youth, and in this document, we will analyze a few factors behind it.   

collapse of parenting
collapse of parenting

The collapse of parenting

According to the researchers, the guardians are not playing their sufficient role towards children. It is one of the significant factors that increase the communication gap between such parents and youngsters. The consistent duty of parenting is to spend as much time with the child and engage them through different instructions. Early age is the right time to teach children always to obey their parents.

It is a fundamental role of a mother and father who brainstorm their child between the ages of 4 and 13; no one is worthy and prominent than the parents. They are genuine guiders and caretakers in all circumstances without any interest. With the politeness of words and giving quality time, the parents can wisely win their children’s hearts and minds for whole life; otherwise, the consequences will be different. Courteous communication and behavior is a critical tool for parents to purify your relationship with your beings.  

Parents who don’t parent

 Parents do their best to provide their children with a happy and healthy upbringing, and parents nowadays lack interest in their kids’. collapse of parenting is still getting common.They usually send their child to play outside with other illiterate or bad-mannered children, and they even forget to keep an eye on their children. As their moms are always busy doing household and fathers are busy with their office works. What about the child? He/she is more critical, so his/her upbringing, lifestyle, character-building should be at the topmost priority towards the parents.

Control the anger while parenting.

The most important thing is to control anger while parenting to prevent collapse of parenting If your child speaks slang language in front of anyone, then don’t slap your child. But ask where they learned this language. And think once where you were when he was playing with those children and learning all this?. Give your child good company, and give them needed knowledge about what is right and wrong. In this way next time they should know whether they have to adopt that bad thing or not. Make sure you are not teaching discrimination that we should not allow our children to play with an illiterate child. We should teach them not to adopt their bad habits but respect everyone and teach them your good habits.

Lack of parenting in today’s society

In this era, whatever a child wants, the parents buy that thing and give it in their hands at the next moment. They don’t give them a chance to make them progress for good. At this stage, parents should better assign any task to get their needs fulfilled.

Children’s wishes and desires should be acknowledged on time but evaluate first what the desire is? Today we witness a 4-month old baby sees a poem on mobile. Why? Because he/she was crying or the child was not eating the food? After that time, the child will know that he will have it or whatever he wants if he cries.

collapse of parenting is a widespread example that a 4-month old baby is now crying and everyone is worried why is he crying, so they provide mobile to him/her. No one cares that what is next; what about his/her eyesight? What about their mental fitness? All are consuming uselessly in that Smartphone at an early age.

 The rising level of obesity, depression, anxiety among children

Nowadays, children go through many problems, and they don’t share with anyone, which creates anxiety. First of all, we need to know what are anxiety, depression, and obesity. And how it is widely affecting the individual’s life.

Collapse of parenting not only effects the children negatively but other community members are also effected badly by it.


Obesity in children is a complex disease involving excessive body fat caused by chemical disturbances in the body.


In comparison, anxiety is a feeling or sentiments of unease such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe.


Depression in a new generation is a mood fluctuation and disorder that causes sadness and loss of interest in activities. 

The study shows that children with obesity have a significantly higher risk of premature mortality already as young adults, says Emilia hangman, a researcher at the department of clinical science. Some symptoms of anxiety are finding it hard to concentrate, constantly worrying, or having negative thoughts. Childhood depression can be hidden and, therefore, easily missed. Timely recognition and treatment can be life-changing and life-saving.

Parents should take charge and time to rebuild collapse parenting.

Parents should start taking charge of their children and keep an eye on them. They are going, what are they doing, and mainly what they see on their smartphones, teach them etiquettes of its usage, and ensure that they provide continuum reports of their activities on the internet.

Social media has a significant influence.

Social media has a significant influence on our new generation’s lives. They prefer sharing feelings on social media instead of writing them in a diary. (Leonard Sax, 2015)They rarely interact with family members and, as a result losing emotions for blood relations. Parents must encourage them to speak and share their feelings with the first mentors, enhancing their thinking creativity.

American kids have become “less emotionally expressive,” less energetic, less talkative and verbally expressive, less humorous, less imaginative, less unconventional, less lively and passionate, less perceptive, less apt to connect seemingly irrelevant things, and less likely to see things from a different angle.  (Kyung-Hee Kim, December 2017)


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