Common issues between Parents and their teenage children

Issues between Parents and their teenage children are very common. Teenage issues who do not know about this. If you are the parent of a teenage boy or a girl, you must be facing many problems related to your teenage boy or girl.

Sometimes the situation becomes so tense that parent and their children stop talking to each other. I have seen these situations many times; believe me, this gives me a lot of pain. I feel that both the parent and their children are at mistake. I think that parents are more responsible for turning the situation into a bad one.

As your children are growing up not only physically but also psychologically, they are changing. These changes can put a child in a state of confusion. It’s up to you how, as a parent, you take all this.

Childs hormonal levels fluctuate, which is a normal thing but depending and varying from child to child. At this point, the child needs support from their family.

issues between Parents and their teenage children
issues between Parents and their teenage children

Issues between Parents and their teenage children

Asking for freedom:

Issues between Parents and their teenage children are observed everyday. Remember when your child was too young to take care of himself. It was you who use to take care of all his needs. You were there to feed him, get him dressed, follow up with his doctor appointments, decide the right school for him, chose the after-school classes for him. Being a parent, Parents are also involved in his friend’s updates. Now the things have changed, your child wants space. He wants to make decisions like what to wear, whom to be with, and what subject to chose. Believe me; this happens with every child even if you look back or be in his shoes. You will realize that you have done the same in your teenage years.

Let them spread their wings and feel independence. Issues between Parents and their teenage children are pervasive these days. I am not in favor of letting your child do whatever he wants off course, not let him do what he likes, but it should be within certain boundaries. Ok! so who is going to set the limits., Both of you with mutual understanding. You sit with your child and do an open discussion and decide what behavior is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

Cross swords:

Most of the time family with a teenager are in a state of turmoil because now you cannot just tell them what to do and what not to do. This time they need reasons, they argue, they disagree, they quarrel, and maybe they lose their temper—this time, you need to give them solid reasons to prove to them that your decision is right. Most teenage children think that their parents are wrong, so you have to create a strong bond between you and your child. Make him believe that whatever your decision for him is for his betterment. Building up a healthy relationship is the key to success.

Poor communication:

Most of the time, children think that their parents do not listen to them, or maybe they do not try to understand them. This problem arises when there is a lack of communication between parents and their children. Do not let this happen; most of the situations in any relationship happens because of a lack of communication. Try to sort out the issues, which will only be possible when you talk to each other.

Expecting the unexpected:

Most of the time, parents have very high expectations from their kids. They want them to score excellent grades; they want them to participate in extracurricular activities; they want their children to be the best. Being the perfect kid is not possible for every child. Some children are exemplary, but not all of them. So please identify the true potential of your child and then keep the expectations. You being a parent, should know very well that how much your child can achieve. Do not push them too hard. Be practical and realistic.

How to solve the issues between Parent and their teenage children?

It’s not rocket science. All you need to do is try to become a problem solver if you have made up your mind that you want to work as a moderator and make things easy.

  • Listen to them very carefully so that they understand that they have a vital role in your lives.
  • Give them a break; don’t just hover over them continuously.
  • Let them express themselves as far as it’s not harmful to them. For example, let your child dye their hair if they wanted to. Remember, it’s their life.
  • Be friendly with them; do not treat them as small kids.
  • Believe in them so that they become more confident.
  • Respect them, do not humiliate them, especially when every individual has her/his self-esteem.
  • Try to have family time where you spend quality time with your children. Take them to places they like to go to.
  • Treat them like grown-ups, not small kids.
  • Trust them and show your expression of trust in them.
  • Show and express your love to them, don’t think that they do not need your hugs and kisses as they are grown up. Trust me; they need your hugs and kisses more than before. They are going through a difficult phase of their lives where there is a lot of competition, struggles, and distraction. This time your hugs can act like magic to them.

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