10 Best parenting blogs of 2023 you must read!

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10 Best parenting blogs of 2023 you must read!

Find out about 10 Best parenting blogs of 2020, you must read! Parenthood is a name of blessing, and if we discuss mother, then she is the creature who first keeps us in her womb for nine months and faces all kinds of difficulties & pains to keep a child safe and alive. When our birth event comes, she feels up to 57 DEL of pain, which is equal to 20 bones getting fractured together. And about Father, he is a light when there is darkness in life. Your dad is hope when all hope dies; a father is a roof when a child needs a shadow and firm support when a kid needs to stand stiff. After birth, a child is the only love of a mother/father whom they want to see at very first sight. And the first hug of a mother to her child gives ecstasy and a breath of relief to both.

Parenting a child is not a child’s play. As it requires coordinated efforts and consistency of care in which parents today lack the most. This paper aims to portray the popular tips for being successful moms/dads and practical examples of top-ranked bloggers who perform parenting or single parenting while dealing with their other activities.

Discussion about single parenting

10 Best parenting blogs of 2020, you must know. Here we are discussing Nakisha Wynn, a mom blogger. She is on a mission to prove that they can be successful single moms. Single parenting is not an easy task either for a mother or father, as sometimes a child needs both of them. A father fulfills their wishes, and a mother gives them consistent love and care. But we sometimes witness that the situation becomes complicated due to a conflict between mother or father, and then the child goes through many difficulties and suffers mentally. Nakisha Wynn usually gives moms some great tips through her videos and live events to empower moms and teach them useful advice. She also suggests ways to save money and time for household management strategies.


REAL HICKS FAMILY BLOGS has 13k + subscribers on their YouTube page and 1,880+ views on their step parenting blogs. She did some research and study and then published them on her page. She has lots of ideas about what parents can do on their child’s vacation to make their children happy. Mainly she focuses on the roles necessary responsibilities of step-parenting and reveals honest opinions. Step-parenting requires mutual understanding and constructive communication among mother and father concerning stepchild. If you want this process to go smoothly, then neither make your child left out nor push them to obey your instructions.

There is the link below to their video.

You can check out their blogs; they have made different parts on single-parent vlogs, step-parenting vlogs, and many more.


10 Best parenting blogs of 2020 you must re-include ad! Kayla Buell is on a top-rated blogger list with 95k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel. She brainstorms the basic concepts of motherhood. When Kayla posted her first video, she made a day planner and went accordingly.  Kayla is a career and lifestyle blogger and mother of a six-month-old baby girl.  Kayla had to take care of the house and her daughter because she used to cry all the time.

This particular artist shares what work has to do daily as a blogger carrying her child. Apart from this, she recommends some lotions and other infancy items that she uses for her daughter. Here is the link where you can visit and check her blogs and get instructions about how she manages her social activities.



But first, coffee is a well-known website with 500k+ subscribers on YouTube. Kallie Branciforte, after many requests, made this video with her newly born child. She filmed this when her child was about seven weeks old; she shared that every day with a baby in different styles. They grew up simultaneously and changed all the time. In her blogs, Kallie discusses some perfect and unforgettable moments and sometimes other hard and challenging times.

There is a link where you can see her blogs


It isn’t easy to manage your household duties when holding a little child, as he/she at an early age only wants 100% concentration of a mother. Kallie, a You Tuber, has shared time to time routine in her videos that her child wakes up and then what the limited time she has to prepare her breakfast and get ready for work. She used the 5 S’s Method by doctor Harvey Karp to soothe Miles and help her baby sleep. Kallie also takes the course that teaches about newborn sleeping. She also has provided the course link on the video description.


10 Best parenting blogs of 2020 you must read! include Autism is lifelong, no progressive neurological disorder typically appearing before the age of three years. The word Autism means a developmental disability is significantly affecting verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction. 

Autism is a book written by Tara Lewiston and a page on YouTube with 22k+ subscribers. She learned some great techniques with a lady named Ross; that lady’s daughter had Autism; the lady knew that her daughter loves going outside. So, the lady closed the door and locked it, aiming that her daughter has to come to her and say, please open the door. According to her, it is an adequate time to make eye contact with her mother. Through this quick tip, she proposed that don’t make everything too easy for your child. Autism diagnosis is a deep understanding of the child’s routine activities, which leads to creating better outcomes for your child’s development.   

Here is the link you can learn more from the video


By going through the above book and visual messages, the parents would have better mindsets about:

How to create a safe space for a child in the bedroom? And what are the ways to reduce anxiety in children?

The cool devices encourage the parents to remain calm in undesired situations. (Tara Lensiton and Rhian Grounds, April 2018)  


Momspresso by Sudha Murthy, with 57k+ subscribers, is one of the informative YouTube channels that share a video on essential parenting tips. She said that “tell your child to read and you should also read books” than to talk about those books with your children. As first-timers, the parents are too confused and indecisive about their responsibilities. Parenting is a long-term duty that requires knowledge of child treating and formal training of dealing with your roles wisely. It is a crucial role played by the combination of heart and mind. It involves several fundamental elements such as confidence, passion, patience, positive discipline, and proven tips from experienced parents.

Newly motherhood is full of exciting and terrifying moments. Sometimes you feel exhausted when your child wakes up in the night cries again and again. The dark circles around your eyes become sharper, and even you do not find time for yourself to consume needed food.     

Here is the link where you can go and see this video


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